Social projects



The introduction of nature creates a context for living together. It embraces the buildings, guides the daily use, and counters the mental rollercoaster of modern time. An emblematic tree marks a passageway and allows for repose in its shadow, while a mixed bosquet creates seclusion and diffuses perfume throughout the seasons.

Working against the many constraints all too often imposed on social projects, our quest is always to maximize the reintroduction of nature (in these dense contexts). Minerality is reduced, walls overgrown, water captured, plants introduced. This way, nature can successfully take over and create a backdrop for the passing of daily life.

City space for nature = social space for humans

After a few years, we come to see the essence of these landscapes fought for. People lingering on the slopes of a Brussels park, pockets of woodland going in dialogue with a refurbished factory and undulating meadows naturally guiding one to the front door. Through daily appropriation and focused maintenance, these sites continue to evolve and become more and more evident and agreeable over time.

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