Erik Dhont is a Landscape Architect based in Brussels and Geneva. Since the beginning of his practice in 1989 he has worked on a large variety of projects, and he established a client network throughout Europe and overseas.

His portfolio includes many realizations such as gardens, farmyards, urban development projects and Landscape restorations, in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, California and the Azores. These commissions come both from private individuals and public institutions, and each one of them, with their complex set of demands and challenges, represent a unique chance to explore reality from various angles and with various means: drawings, collages, models, installations, movies, and first of all, gardens.

Erik Dhont sees Garden Design as a form of art, and he embraces it with imagination in order to give the clients a place to dream. Gardens are not only places to enjoy and appreciate life, but also places to grow and heal. No matter if the commission is to restore an old garden or to realize a new one: the design emphasis is always on the process of discovering and conceptualizing elements from the past with the practical demands imposed by the present. Functionality is balanced with a fine aesthetic that remains sensitive to the needs of the daily use, the environmental issues, and the surrounding landscapes.

Over the years Erik Dhont has developed a style that remains personal, distinctive and instantly recognizable. Organic shapes on paper are translated into real sculptural forms which gain their patina as time goes by and the garden matures. It is this changing sense of rhythm that flows between days, seasons and periods of life, that Dhont aims to highlight in his design.

And his gardens are spaces where this rhythm is embodied and performed.


Tom Baelus
Alice Boidin
Florian Boniface
Baldr Borghlevens
Alexis Carré
Niels Everaerd
Osama Mahmoud
Alexandre Parente
Alexander Snick
Tim Vaculik


Lucie Leblanc
Pauline Pellacani
Giacomo Pregnolato
Santiago Rivas
Laura Sautter


Georg Aerni
Jean-Pierre Gabriel
Reiner Lautwein
Marie-Françoise Plissart
Thomas De Bruyne

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