Community Garden near Brussels

We created an edible garden on a left-over space. The key of the project is the dimension and the space of the cultivated rows. The beds are organized in rectangular setting, a space unity spread over the plot. The limited size of the cultivated rectangle gives a dense and intimate dimension to the vegetable garden.

It is a little unity that allows experimenting without affecting the global aesthetical aspect. Instead of a wide greenhouse gathering all tomatoes, we build three ludic slots of tomatoes, one with tomato for sauces, the other for the best famous raw tomatoes, and the last slot with experimental and colorful species.

The conductor leads the community to have a general pattern supporting a rational organization in harvesting, yet this pattern allows punctual individual initiative and imperfection, two elements that bring beauty to the place. Wild flower borders give structure to the garden and guild the walkways. These layouts are a wide laboratory to share, be enhanced and have fun together, supporting a new garden community.

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