This landscape garden is related to a chalet from the 20’s and is located in the surroundings of Geneva, where a strong natural environment is present.

The long arms of the forest, both at the entrance and around the perimeter of the project, together with the unobstructed view on the Mont Blanc, characterize this family garden in which being together is essential.

Specific spots distinguish themselves for being together, while others are devoted to the solitude and contemplation of a very present nature.

A succession of three singular moments composes the first part of the garden: we can firstly see a terrace connected to the building, followed by a second terrace a bit further, raised above the landscape and bordered with a long stone bench, and finally a clearly defined patch of grassland which concludes the rhythm.

These different places are integrated in an environment that is mainly composed of fruit trees, forest and open meadows.

The water from the roof is lead to a ditch crossing the garden, around which will grow natural and luxuriant vegetation. At the end of the garden, some water basins conclude the harmonious composition.

Vandœuvres, Switzerland
0,68 ha
In collaboration with:
Frey Architectes

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