In the vegetable garden of Chalet de la Forêt, a two-star restaurant in Uccle, the necessary aspects of productivity go hand in hand both with the visual pleasantness and the spatial experience of the place.

Islands of raised plant-beds form a patchwork of a botanical abundance. Salads, roots and cabbages are elements that form the basis in this composition; fruit trees, berries, and herbs are placed at the borders of the garden.

The garden possesses cold frames for vegetables and is organized with a rotation system of compost for the soil’s amendment. Meeting places for guests and employees are carefully integrated within the garden.

A small shrub tree is standing in the middle of the garden, providing shadow when needed.

Spring and autumn flowering Cherries offer a rich experience, accompanied in springtime by the lilacs. Witch-hazels from the ‘Jelena’ to ‘Orange Beauty’ varieties with a selection of Musk Roses offer another way to apprehend the garden, between the big trees and the perennials.

Hedges of hornbeam structure the garden and provide intimacy.

Uccle, Belgium
0,15 ha
In collaboration with:
Vert d’Iris asbl

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