Crematorium Siesegem

The landscape vision for the Siesegem crematorium is conceived as a spatial work that supports people in times of mourning over the loss of a loved one. This translates into a static garden made up of zones for the scattering of ashes, a scenic pond with riparian vegetation, a diversity of hedge rows, and a profiled valley with wet and dry zones for nature development.

Many parts of this landscape will hardly be open to the public. Due to the limited accessibility, the environment will radiate peace.

The large landscaped zone facing the cafeteria is a lively and dynamic landscape that should appeal to the imagination. This means the ability to handle various light gradations.

The alternating wet and dry zones provide an alternating and continuously evolving flora.

Near the water pond, a spatial work of slopes and mounds offers a stroll through the space intended for the dispersion of ashes.

Slopes of different heights offer a range of perspectives on the landscape while creating an intimate setting for moments of recollection.

Aalst, Belgium
5 ha
In collaboration with:
Kaan Architecten

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