This 1.3-acre park, once an area of blight in a low-income neighborhood of Schaarbeek, was abandoned for years and deemed too steep for development.

With the idea to revitalize the area, the commune conducted a competition for the design of a new park on the derelict site.

Our office was selected to lead the design, along with the architect Philippe Serck.

The linear site will include an Orangerie, terraced retaining walls which would give the park a more abstract shape, a water wall proposed for the existing one to soften its domineering height, and areas along the borders for vegetation that attracts butterflies and birds.

Although the site has a difference in elevation of approximately 20 meters (65 feet), the park is fully accessible to all. Newly planted trees provide framed views of the park and the city, with a dense and colorful understory of shrubs such as hazelnut, lilacs, and rhododendrons.


A gate appropriate in size for a castle was installed to signify and accentuate a sense of welcoming into the park, open from sunrise to sunset.

Brussels (BE)
0.5 ha
In collaboration with:
Philippe Serck architect

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