This garden, in the heart of a Swiss alpine village, was created for a chalet built during the mid-16th century.

The design reflection on this project was to remain faithful to its historical development; it was more a question of designing a space where the proportions are highlighted rather than creating a contemporary garden. Thus the project is developed in different sequences with specific characters that orient the view towards the interior of the chalet; this project becomes visually a garden in the village, which orientates the views towards the chalet.

The place is structured with a wooden fence located on the outskirts of the garden and a few posts guide rasberries and honeysuckles.

The garden takes shape in a micro relief in which a variety of alpine plants grow, its summer character is especially generous next to the outdoor table in front of the kitchen. A few apple and plum trees blend into the village landscape. The terraces are covered with grinded pebbles to obtain a smoother coating, as well as a few large local granite stones which allow easier movement during heavy snowfall.

Saanen, Switzerland
In collaboration with:
Jaggi Architect and Interior architect

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