In a first phase, our mission was to make a pleasure garden around an existing rectangular potager.

Our solution was to create four flower walks around the garden. One of the walks is a planting of roses, principally using repeat-flowering hybrids and musk roses, English roses and old roses, combined according to a very precise rhythm. Roses are then in flower throughout summer.

An existing metal pergola has been replaced by a new construction with a double wooden screen. We placed in the park a ginkgo palisade.

Tall yews, clipped in a fantastic fashion, and box create rhythm and volume like gigantic ice cubes, and a wall of irregularly clipped yew separates the rose planting from the potager.

Another side of the potager is planted as a lilac walk. In the potager itself, on a small scale we have introduced beds with vegetables, annuals and soft fruits.

Finally, a ‘topiary walk’ has been created with osmanthus, box, hornbeam and beech clipped to shape, in combination with flowering trees that are allowed to grow freely such as hamamellis and Japanese cherries.

Ohain, Belgium
3.1 ha
In collaboration with:
Marc Corbiau Architects

© 2020 Erik Dhont