The owners of this garden are art collectors and beside their wishes to remodel the garden, they desire free and open spaces for art pieces, from their present and future collection.

Therefore, rooms which would allow a liberty in the arrangement of new sculptures were designed. We drew a new central path into the garden, working on the differences of level on the terrain.

Excavating the ground here and there, was created the impression that the road traverses mounds, offering private and open spaces on the sides of the alley, required for the art pieces.

Between a group of old trees, we built a highly original wooden cabin on metal feet.

Were designed as well new pathways in the garden, with a very subtle ornamental lighting system made of natural stone.

Regarding the plants, we decided to work on a natural effect, with indigenous plants on the mounds.

Malibu, USA
2.5 ha
In collaboration with:
Hilgendorf architects

© 2020 Erik Dhont