The design of this garden is connected to the restoration of a park dating back to the start of the 19th Century.

The garden spreads all around a neoclassical building which was built in the same period. Our main purpose was to recreate the authentic character of the space and to erase, wherever possible, everything that came to be in contrast with the original setting.

With this in mind we decided to transplant huge masses of rhododendrons and azaleas so to recreate views and open spaces. Then, we planted new conifers, a collection of flowers, shrubs and flowering trees.

The idea behind all these interventions was not only to restore the structure of the place but to also enhance its botanical richness. The effects of our actions are barely visible, which was exactly our intention.

We also restored a small bridge and got the ancient garden follies repaired. In the past, the property was crossed by a small stream. Unfortunately after raising its embankments, this contact was lost completely.

In order to balance this absence, we planted a large group of trees alongside the embankment.
Since the owners are keen on botanical, we designed a path supplemented by cut flowers among flowing box hedges.

Lier, Belgium
11 ha
In collaboration with:
DMT architects

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