Ecluse Lanaye

This canal project, on the border of Belgium and the Netherlands, required collaboration and compromise between the two countries.

Besides the technical issues involved in creating a new lock and dam system, the landscape and its surrounding environment were also of great importance.

For the team selected to execute the project, three main issues were addressed. First the reuse of gravel and silt removed from the bay during the canal construction. This positive reuse of materials created opportunities for a series of banks on the existing flat terrain.

The change in elevation created areas that are inaccessible and too steep for use, resulting in a natural wildlife habitat that is undisturbed by human presence.

Opposed to the engineering and technical aspects, the project is also about landscape and plant diversity as an interface between the flat land and the rocky cliffs along the canal.

The existing wetland, important for wildlife, remained and was expanded.

Lannaye, Belgium
18 ha
In collaboration with:
Canevas Architecture
Bureau Greisch Engineering
Coppée-Courtoy Engineering
Jean Glibert, Artist
Florence Fréson, Artist

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