This garden is situated in a natural and protected environment on the island of Formentera. Long wooden areas under the maritime pine trees by the sea provide a natural setting for this family garden.

The succession of spaces links the architecture to the landscape while being an invitation for promenades. This raw nature feeling is sublimated by small planted islands of Mediterranean vegetation that mingle with local essences.

The plant palette highlights different shades of textures and greens that evolve over periods of summer drought and winter rain.Lived memories of this garden occupy an important part in the design for the scents carried by the evening breeze or the bursts of foliage after a downpour.

Architecture provides a framework for contemplating nature. The local stone walls highlight the local craftsmanship and knowhow existing on the island, and provide a foundation for the architecture in the landscape. They limit empty spaces to admire nature and accommodate a lemon orchard.

Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain
In collaboration with:
Marc Iglesias Briones Arquitectura
Laurent Buttazzoni Architecture Intérieure

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