This estate in Normandy belongs to an 18th-century manor with some outbuildings transformed into guests’ quarters.

Between the two main buildings that constitute the manor, we built a long terrace, a sort of checkerboard with slabs of cut stone.

According to a well-determined rhythm, squares have been left bare to accommodate tall topiaries in yew, perennials, and bulbs.

The division offers different areas where small groups of people can sit or larger numbers relax but where, equally, one can walk as if in a labyrinth.

Nevertheless, one experiences the entire terrace as a coherent space that binds together the two buildings while simultaneously maintaining a certain distance.

Behind the house, we created a valley with a series of small pools between which one can walk. With the excavated soil, we raised the boundaries to form an entirely new landscape.

On the edges, the mounds link to the enclosure, while the interior of the valley is designed to gradually allow natural plants to sprout.

A closed kitchen garden was created near the garages, growing soft fruits and herbs.

Normandy, France
4 ha
In collaboration with:
Bodin architects

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