This project involves the restoration of a farm in one of the Belgium most beautiful countryside area.

We integrated new functions into the place while preserving the intimacy around the house and respecting the contextual landscape.

Around the house, we made a planting of hornbeam, oak and holly trees, combined with various families of roses. We designed different terraces where plants grow over, on one of them is a pergola made on hornbeam, open on the landscape.

In the outlying landscape, existing limes and poplars are thinned and pruned; the canals and existing pond cleaned. Big shrubs and new trees were planted, contributing to the rural integration and the natural revalorization of the place.

We built an open carport that will be cover with roses, clematis and Virginia creeper; the cars hid behind a big stack of wood.

Against a wall on the side of the house, we have installed a fountain: a tank of water within a monolithic block of stone, the fountain looks like it has always been there.

We drew the kitchen garden in every detail; an unusual one was the edge of the paths, built in wine bottles.

Damme, Belgium
12.3 ha
In collaboration with:
Dugardyn architects
Marcq interior architects


© 2020 Erik Dhont