Cap d’ail

This garden belongs to a recently restored art-deco residence from the early 20th century and is located on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean.

It consists of three parts: a first garden around the residence, a second garden with a swimming pool on the cliff and an artificial cave at its lowest point.

We have chosen to preserve some of the elements of the original setting, including the grotto, but we also wanted to remake the entire site to ensure that it could regain its own personality.

This intervention has been made in a contemporary way, but with respect for the historic character and the Mediterranean environment.

In the garden around the house, which offers a magnificent view on the sea, we chose to keep the existing lawn and to introduce a selection of flowering plants to turn it into a “real” garden.

We avoided putting stereotypical cacti, but we rather opted for roses and peonies.

The artificial grotto at the bottom of the cliff has been restored to its original state.

Nevertheless, we have given it a new character planting a selection of rock plants, such as Plumeriarubra f. acutifolia, Tetrapanax papyrifera, Acca sellowiana, Philodendron monstruosum, and various bromeliads such as Alcanterea vinicolor, Billbergiadistachia, Heliconia rostrata and Vriesea zamorensis.

The garden around the villa is vertically connected to the one with the swimming pool by an art deco-style stairway, flanked by cypresses. We proposed to incorporate these trees into a green planted screen, creating a much more harmonious effect.


Cap d’Ail, France
In collaboration with:
Luc Svetchine architect
Patrice Acchiardi interior architect

© 2020 Erik Dhont