Campus Gasthuisberg

We have been working for the last ten years on the development of the Health Sciences campus Gasthuisberg in Leuven. Following a master plan by AWG Architects, the campus divides into four quarters, the parking spaces are put underground, and the overall build surface is doubled. 

To guide this development, our mission focuses on defining and giving character to both existing and new outdoor spaces, thinking of a long-term unity for the whole site.

New emblematic spaces like an open entrance square, climber-covered streets, secluded courtyards, meadows, and accessible wet zones are proposed.

The introduction of nature, in a restricted, curated manner, proposes to display recognizable natural elements like the mixed bosquets and the extensive meadow. Their recurrence throughout the campus creates unity within the diversity of built fabric, while equally guaranteeing easy maintenance of these outdoor spaces.

Further unity is given through a restricted palette of materials and hardscaping solutions, using local materials like fragments of red marble, slabs of Belgian limestone, and clay pavers.

To support the development of natural elements, every zone is carefully analyzed and designed. A general reduction in the amount of hardscaped surfaces, careful rainwater management, and a diverse and robust selection of vegetation will guarantee a lively and dynamic campus. Birds and butterflies are attracted, the environment grows slowly, people see the changing of colors and fragrances as the seasons passes.

Leuven, Belgium
In progress
54 ha
In collaboration with:
SCES Engineering
AWG Architecture

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