Campus Gasthuisberg

The campus of the University Hospital ‘Gasthuisberg’ near Leuven is due for development over the years to come as a true health science campus where care, research and education will be united.

Our brief is to create a dynamic vision for the development of the exterior spaces, taking count of the campus’s expansion in the years ahead.

On the one hand, the aim is to optimize the real-life experiences and the function of the different exterior spaces and on the other to give a recognizable signature to the new exterior spaces.

In a first phase, we have elaborated a proposal for two important exterior spaces as a sort of confrontation of our vision with reality. The second proposal concerns a large open space between the hospital and the teaching part where a new auditorium has been built and which will become in time one of the ‘green lungs’ of the campus.

In dividing the ground with embankments into different zones, each with an adapted planting, the different functions, of a public, semi-public or strictly private character, will be reconciled, all creating a powerful spatial effect.

Leuven, Belgium
In progress
54 ha
In collaboration with:
SCES Engineering
AWG Architecture

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