This garden is located in the center of a historic town near Bruges.

We have preserved its original structure at the back of the house, but we have proposed the plantation of new borders of holly and box close to the existing rows of lime trees.

This green belt reaches the limit of a second, larger garden.


In the area where these two parts meet, there is a sort of focus point where we placed six clipped yews, and the presence of these living sculptures mark the access to the second garden. This one, in particular, is conceived as a rustic oasis connected to the historic surrounding without any loss of continuity.

We have also added some new medium and little fruit trees and hazels to the existing number of tall trees.

The central lawn and the bulbs are now surrounded by volumes of clipped box, enhanced by accents of Syringa vulgaris and combined with informal plantings of perennials.

The sober design of the swimming pool is perfectly integrated into the contest, and all the materials used in this area, such as Renaissance-style granite tiles and old bricks, have been chosen with this specific purpose.

Bruges, Belgium
2,8 ha

© 2020 Erik Dhont