The revitalization of the wide surroundings of a castle in Coburg, which has unceasingly been growing and evolving throughout the centuries, intends to reach a new balance between the historic building and its lands after decades of neglect.

Surrounding the castle, we find a newly paved path made out of local natural stone, cut in whimsical organic shapes.

Combined with some other small-scale interventions like the new vegetable garden, the castle somehow grows younger, and a new, more diversified unity arises.

The rectangular vegetable garden, with flowers and small fruits, will also give it a slightly bucolic aspect.

The estate is situated in a wet valley, and consists mainly of meadows. The edge of the domain consists of evergreen trees and some big linden. The open spaces allowing for specific perspectives on the surrounding landscape, further define the place.

On the grounds, an existing creek is slightly repositioned, its banks renaturalized and flanked by specific vegetation. Managed as a natural area, the wet meadows attract all kinds of endemic fauna.

Bavaria, Germany
1.3 ha
In collaboration with:
Gert Voorjans

© 2020 Erik Dhont