This garden is placed near a coastal retreat, located on a cliff surrounded by sea on all sides.

Prior to our intervention the terrain was used as a vineyard, covered by what was left of the walls that compensated the differences in height on the terrain and served as protection against the violent winds coming from the sea.

We have restored the walls piecemeal, rearranging and redesigning them with beveled edges and indentations that allow for a range of  perspectives  which give to the whole a more contemporary feeling.

The swimming pool made from local lava stone and protected by two high walls allow to swim at peace.

The paths and the terraces are also made of lava stone, cut in different formats which create an attractive motif.

Scattered throughout the terrain are several shelter themed gardens such as a pleasure garden with a vast collection of proteas flowers, a jungle garden which evokes the botanical abundance of tropical vegetation, an ornamental kitchen garden and a ‘sea garden’ with, among others, bromeliads, agaves, and agapanthus. We also planted a new vineyard which pays homage to the history of the place.

Azores, Portugal
0.77 ha
In collaboration with:
Marcq interior architects

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