We define this project for a roof garden of a penthouse in Brussels by a simple series of metal structure screens with climbers on them.

The central pergola with its Wisteria and Clematis locally provides a pleasant filter of the sunlight. The floor is in reused Italian granite.

Near the sliding doors of the penthouse and under the pergola are delicate marble mattings.

Flower pots lavishly furnish the roof garden. Spring and autumn blossoming plants like Cherry trees and Maple trees, give the place its lush character – complemented by different herbs in white marble bowls, ferns in green marble pots and a diversity of woody plants in big, yellow copper rings.

In two elevated stands, equally in copper, blossoms a mixture of plants such as perennials and grasses.

The combination of such diversity in materials and dimensions, all within one stringent formal language, makes a harmonious, thought seemingly organically-grown ensemble.

Brussels (BE)
82 m²

© 2019 Erik Dhont