Jardins, paysages de l’invisible / Gardens, Hidden Landscapes


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“Erik Dhont’s characteristic trait is an individual style that literally makes the space of the blank page dance.” 

Influenced by his dual training – he studied graphic design and landscape architecture – Erik Dhont first develops his ideas in the spaces that he produces, by means of his sketches conceived as virtual walks through a constantly evolving place. This creative step is decidedly modern. With an understanding of the age-old rhythm of the landscape, the process relies primarily on plants to generate forms and colors with an abstract feel But the lines, the volumes that are intimated, materialize totally naturally into gardens that can be perceived and understood as such by people’s shared imagination.

This book gives a glimpse of the work carried out during the first twelve years of his Brussels practice, enabling the reader to pass through all stages from the almost intimist drawing of the blank page through to the real scale of these “gardens, invisible landscapes”.

The text and photographs are by Jean-Pierre Gabriel.

Erik Dhont
Jardins, paysages de l’invisible
Gardens, Hidden Landscapes


Ed. Ludion Editions NV
foreword by Philippe Nys
text and photography by Jean-Pierre Gabriel
graphic design by Jurgen Persijn

French / English
2001. 144 pp

22.00 x 29.00 cm
ISBN 978-9-0554-4377-2

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