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Brussels-based landscape architect Erik Dhont acknowledges that the process of design occurs at different levels in both the public sphere and private creations, yet scale is always a priority.

Presented here are a selection of his plaster casts – independently conceived works of art that together form a collection of models. Serving as plastic tools in the creative development of spatial concepts, the minimalist language of Dhont’s plaster studies reflects the most basic recordings of a sculptor’s first gestures, integrating the narrative of landscape design with the genesis of a project. From topographical to topiary forms, their character is both natural and timeless.

Erik Dhont


Ed. Architectura & Natura Press
preface by Nathalie de Harlez de Deulin
photographs by Reiner Lautwein
graphic design by Jurgen Persijn


2014. 72 pp. ills.

24.5 x 19.1 cm
ISBN 978-9-4614-0042-0

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