Living today, living tomorrow with Nature



The Landscape can be perceived as a part of a territory that pushes us to reflect on our way of living for today and tomorrow. 

This perception has evolved under the effect of time and by the confluence of Nature and Culture. The components of space, materiality, and living have been continually changing our perspective on the world around us.

Today, to question the Landscape is to think about the time of its construction. The landscape can relate to a long time. The comprehension of temporality is to include all the different space layers: the work on the space and soil, to the integration of living things and their development.  

The long-term dialogue between the different landscape components allows a search on the space, botanic, and sustainability to reflect about the living space. 

Making way for the living is a fragile balance but essential to find to project the future of our landscapes.

© 2024 Erik Dhont