What is Urban?

We will not talk about the need to bring nature back to the city: this is for us an evident statement.

We are more interested in investigating the conflict between the public density and the importance of individuality. The real challenge is to restore the balance between these two elements, considering the life of the people and the growth of their urban space.

We work in the city at different scales, dealing with residential contests, high-density spaces, and social environments. Flexibility is our key to find a compromise between all the regulations, the requests, and the budget, always thinking about the quality of the result.

For each scale and for each site, we present a different solution which keeps in consideration various aspects: space, history, structure, and nature.

The study of the place is a crucial phase, and we use the landscape and its dynamism to reach every time a specific result: sometimes the water becomes the protagonist, sometimes the plants, or the modeling of the ground.

This wide range of possibilities and opportunities makes the urban design extremely interesting for the profession of a landscape architect, which is called to give solutions with a long-term vision to each question.

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