What is Space?

We consider space as the result of the tensions that can be experienced in a garden or in a landscape.

The places we work with are sometimes small and intimate and sometimes wide and open, but they always appear as organic and dynamic compositions of different elements, dimensions, and scales.

Nevertheless, we see space as an expression of the relationship between architecture and landscape, and we take advantage of this complex exchange in every passage of the design process.

Space can be created by the balance of proportions between the elements that compose a garden.

It is extremely important to control and calibrate the content in order to keep a sense of harmony, and we tend to always measure our interventions in relation to this aesthetical principle of equilibrium.

Tension also results from changes in seasons and weather, such as the changes related to the variation of light, the wind, the rain, the presence of flowers and birds.

These are the things that we keep learning out of observation and practice.

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