What is Heritage?

For those projects that involve the heritage, the consideration of the original character of a place and its historical dimension is extremely important.

Each design process usually starts with a dialog with the client and the study of the specific environment of the site, but these cases require even more attention.Here, the role of time is crucial, and not only in consideration of the past. In fact, we also believe in the importance of the future life of these old architectures, and we always plan our intervention from this point of view.

This long-term thinking requires a deep historical knowledge: the past works for us as inspiration and background, and from there we continuously find solutions for contemporary issues.
We never make statements, but we prefer to realize specific interventions, even scarcely visible, that answer to logic and utility.

Nevertheless, we set the easy maintenance of the property and its future development as priorities, and we go through the design of the project with continuous analysis, plant research and an open dialog with clients and contractors.

As landscape architects, our attention goes to nature and Botanic, and we believe in the possibility of evolution of heritage through plants.

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021 – Gaasbeek
431 – Brussels

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