What is Botanic?

Botanic is a term we use for fundamental values on nature, ecology, and on the cultural heritage carried by every plant.

Working with plants means working with durability and diversity, the botanical knowledge is necessary to achieve a result for every environment.

Our aim is to find a balance between our intervention and the surrounding nature, the balance ensures beauty and harmony; the botanical choices provide a guideline with culture and nature, and in life itself.

The pleasure found in planting is an important moment of the dialog between the client and the landscape architect, the specific demand for every project makes possible new botanical choices.

Along the requirements of the program, there is always the ambition to create an ecological frame where plants retain their wildness without losing the structure of the garden or the landscape.

Projects from top to bottom:

034 – Turnhout
799 – Groentenbloementuin Ruisbroek
301 – Ohain
799 – Groentenbloementuin Ruisbroek
301 – Ohain
584 – Oostkamp

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