Erik Dhont

After a course in graphics at the Sint-Lucasinstituut, Brussels (graduated 1983), Erik Dhont studied landscape architecture at the Hoger Rijksinstituut voor Tuinbouw, Vilvoorde (1986). He won a European Community scholarship that enabled him to visit London in 1986.

His first work experience was as a landscape architect in the of ces of M. Heimer, Hildersheim, Germany, followed by practical training at the Adams tree nursery in Ruisbroek. He set up his own studio in Brussels in 1989.

Present collaborators
Tom Baelus
Florian Boniface
Lorenzo de Simone
Kenneth Van der Taelen


Jean-Pierre Gabriel
Reiner Lautwein
Erik Dhont
Marie-Françoise Plissart
Didier Ghislain


Films credits
Director, Boris van der Arvoort
Music, Thierry De Mey

Erik Dhont bvba-sprl
Landscape architect
Varkensmarkt 30
B-1000 Brussels

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